Talk at 1st European Communities Workshop on Exascale Computing

On May 16th 2019 I attended the 1st European Communities Workshop on Exascale Computing – Focus on High Performance Data Analytics workshop, which was part of the EuroHPC Summit Week in PoznaƄ, Poland. The idea of this workshop was to bring together a number of Centres of Excellence and research projects to present and discuss how they plan to address the issues of data storage, transfer and analysis for the large quantities of data expected to be produced as HPC moves towards exascale. VESTEC was an important component to this because, not only is it an EU funded research project, but also we believe that the unique nature of the challenges we face and potential impact means that coordination with other EU activities is essential.

As part of our contribution to this workshop I gave a talk, providing an overview of the VESTEC project, and then explored some of the challenges we will face, especially in terms of the volume of data we expect to assimilate and produce. It was a great opportunity to share with the wider community our aspirations for the VESTEC project and heighten their awareness of what we are trying to achieve.

Gordon Gibb, EPCC