TTK Hackathon – Sunday, June 16, 2019

The TTK hackathon will take place the day prior to the TopoInVis workshop (Sunday, June 16, 2019). It will be organised by Dr. Julien Tierny, the lead researcher and developer of TTK library.

Hackathon Topics
This TTK hackathon will cover the following topics.

  1. Analyzing data with TTK: If you have some interesting data sets that you would like to analyze with topological methods, we will show you how to explore your data with TTK.
  2. Integrating TTK in your own code: If you wish to integrate TTK in your own visualization or data analysis system, we will show you how to do this, thanks to TTK’s Python, VTK or pure C++ APIs.
  3. Getting started with TTK programming: If you want to experiment with all the cool features that TTK provides programming-wise (fast grid/triangulation traversal, automatic Python/ParaView/VTK integration, etc), we will show you how to implement a simple algorithm in TTK (for instance, data smoothing).
  4. Release your cool algorithm in TTK: If you are interested in distributing your own ideas through TTK, we will show you how to port your existing implementations to TTK.
  5. Bug hunting TTK: If you found a few bugs in TTK, please consider registering to the hackathon and we’ll track them down together!
  6. TTK as a research community tool: If you want to participate to TTK’s future as a software infrastructure for our research community, please consider registering to the hackathon to join vibrant discussions about the useful development directions the TTK development team should consider next.

We see this hackathon as an opportunity to grow as a community by federating our software engineering efforts, to make our research more accessible, reproducible and visible to others.

For more information visit the link below