UrgentHPC SC19 workshop next week: See you in Denver!

In VESTEC we are very excited for Supercomputing next week as we are leading the organisation of a workshop at the conference. SC is the biggest conference in the HPC community, and as such is a great opportunity. Running between 2pm and 5:30pm on Sunday 17th November in room 603, the idea of this UrgentHPC (www.urgenthpc.com) workshop is to bring together all those interested or involved in using HPC for urgent decision making. As the major conference in the HPC community, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with a wide variety of people and explore what people are currently doing in this space. Whether it be those developing the underlying technologies, to those who would like to actually use HPC for urgent decision making, we are hoping that this will be a platform to coordinate our efforts around this emerging use-case.

Our keynote speaker, Dr Joaquin Ramirez, who is a principal consultant at Technosylva, will be joining us straight from fighting the wildfires of California to talk about the crucial role of HPC in aiding firefighters. We are really excited about this because Technosylva, who are partners in the VESTEC project, is a world leading company in high spatial resolution wildfire simulation, and their software is capable of not only predicting the spread of wildfires, but also enabling disaster response teams to explore the potential impact of different mitigation strategies. Dr Ramirez will describe the general area, exploring the important role of HPC and discussing some of the state of the art challenges and how they are planning on addressing these.

In addition to the keynote, six research papers will be presented at the workshop (and published in IEEE TCHPC) along with a panel session. Full details of the agenda can be found on the workshop website, and if you are at SC19 then it would be great to see you on Sunday afternoon!