VESTEC “Comet” dataset visualized interactively at Intel Booth #F-930

Intel® Rendering Framework provides the best available visualization capabilities at much lower TCO then other GPU-based solutions (i.e., NVidia VCA or GRID). The system is ready out of the box to deliver an unparalleled visual analysis experience. Its high flexibility allows to directly run simulations or combine both for in-situ visualization. Varied capabilities are highlighted by means of different datasets, from astrophysics to cultural heritage. For instance, star formation is complex, not fully understood despite decades of efforts simulations are the only way to test models. Particles of a solar outbursts (the solar winds actually interact with the magnetosphere of the earth and also with comets – simulations are important to understand or even forecast such events. This demo interactively visualizes and explores several huge (in the TB range) datasets and time-series.